When Complexity Moved In, 2015

When Complexity Moved In, 2015

WHEN COMPLEXITY MOVED IN is about life in its many forms, and how there is always another angel and an alternative way of perceiving things.

The works revolves around the perception that life does not always go as expected, pieces do not always fit together and life rarely adapts according to the 5-year plan. This does not, however, generate a negative or poor outcome, but instead creates room for new possibilities.

WHEN COMPLEXITY MOVED IN explores the multi faceted conditions of being in this world. For example when you become a grown up, at whenever age that might occur, life is no longer black and white but rather a matter having to constantly evolve due to current conditions.

The jewelry pieces consist of a combination of recognizable and familiar features, suggestive references, sensory materials and surfaces. Fusing these different kinds of elements provides an underlying narrative with multiple layers and interpretations in the finished works, suggesting the wearer and viewer to create their own connections and personal story.

With this brooch, I emphasize that not everything is as our thoughts expect and prefer it. On the whole, matching expectations is a complex art.
The piece TRANSCENDENCE also plays on ambiguity. On the one hand, the resemblance to a pink balloon can be seen.
But the balloon has become a little limp and turns into a faceted shape at one end. The balloon, otherwise associated with lightness and an upward-seeking behaviour, now becomes heavy to look at, still a lovely pink, but angular and containing less air.
A friend saw the brooch and got associations with women's breasts when they reached their 40s. They become a little looser in the skin but with more shape and 'edge', just like the woman - not quite as firm in condition but much more enjoyable!
These were not my thoughts when I made the brooch, but I appreciate that my open-minded approach inspired such a story.