When Complexity Moved In, 2015

The project WHEN COMPLEXITY MOVED IN is about life in its many forms, and how there is always another angle and alternative way of perceiving things.

It evolves around the perception that life does not go as expected, that pieces do not always fit together and life rarely adapts according to a 5-year plan. This does not, however, generate a negative or poor outcome, but instead creates room for new possibilities.

In WHEN COMPLEXITY MOVED IN I explore the multi faceted conditions of being in this world. How when you become a grown up, at whatever age this might occur, life is no longer black and white but rather a matter of constantly developing with current conditions.

The jewelry pieces consist of a combination of recognizable and familiar features, suggestive references, sensory materials and surfaces.

In my work I wanted to mix these different kinds of elements and to leave it to people to make the connection themselves. The finished work implies an underlying narrative with multiple layers and interpretations, which I intend the viewer to pick up on.

In the piece HAPPINESS COMES IN MANY FORMS I use the familiar form of the classic medallion, the oval shape and the hinge, to imply that the two forms on each side is somehow supposed to fit. It is quite obvious that they don’t. One of them is a fist-mark cast in silver and the other oval is a resin cast of a piece of asphalt with a gemstone stuck on it with of a gum like a chunk of pink Milliput.

The necklace might suggest relationships as being hard work, but with a bit of sparkle sometimes to one person and talk about how opposites attracts to another. And something totally different to the next person watching.

In the necklace LIFE UNEXPECTED I used an old-fashioned towel hanger, from times before we spent €20.000 redoing our bathrooms, propping it with design items. I connected it with a graduated pearl necklace, which comes from another cultural layer and then also an un-definable stonelike ‘thing’ (witch is really a resin cast of a piece of asphalt). All three elements come from different times and cultures, and linked together they tell a story of our current time, faceted and complex as it is.

Time is a big issue in our western society. In the Necklace BEING VS. DOING I am trying to address this subject, and show how different the aspect of time can be perceived and interpreted.