When Complexity Moved In

18.09.15 - 17.10.15


Goldfingers Gallery

Klosterstraede 18

1157 Copenhagen 


The world and society we live in is a complex and complex size. The world is not black and white, but appears in a variety of colors and shades. The jewelery of the exhibition is based on the artist's experience that life does not always go as planned, the pieces do not always match and their lives rarely admit after the 5-year plan. However, this does not have to produce a negative or bad result, but instead creates room for new opportunities.

The works consist of a combination of recognizable elements, reference motifs, sensory materials and surfaces. The finished work implies the underlying narrative with several layers and interpretations.

With understated humor, the viewer is lured inside and invited for further reflection in a room where the observer's own experience material and perspective are welcomed.

Annette Dam is educated from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in Norway in 1999 and has since worked conceptually and exhibition-oriented. Annette Dam's works have been exhibited at exhibitions both in and abroad and this year was taken to the World Craft Council's European Prize for Applied Arts in Belgium. Annette Dam has several times received support from the Danish State Art Foundation and in 2012 she received the prestigious Skt. Loye award from Copenhagen Guldsmedelaug.


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Opening speech (in Danish) by Camilla Rohde Madsen, Nammagorium