Short Stories, Putti Art Gallery, Latvia

SHORT STORIES. Contemporary and Conceptual Jewellery

March 3 until May 17 2018

When speaking about contemporary and conceptual jewellery, each piece is like a real story, which encourages dialogue and requires a deeper understanding. JEWELLERY PIECES – or short stories – generate awakening emotions and special reality that exceeds our wildest expectations.

Absolute emotional understanding. These stories pass an intellectual message to both a spectator and a wearer. The exhibition bring together jewellery artists from Latvia and abroad.

Exhibition visitors will have an opportunity to view and purchase different 'short stories'. First, all pieces of jewellery have their signature technical motion, unique evidence of author’s ideas. These stories are never-ending creations of fantasy. Secondly, they are commercial pieces that are replicated and have a commercial aspect.

Thirdly, pieces of jewellery can be tiny objects, which, like customised tools, express an idea.

However, all above mentioned has no value. What matters is the connection between the piece and the spectator, between the piece and the wearer.

French conceptual jewellery artist Emmanuel Lacoste once said, “Among all types of artistic creation, there is one essential thing that sets jewellery apart: its direct physical contact with the body”.

Artist list:

Sofia Bjørkman (Sweden), Valdis Broze (Latvia), Annette Dam (Denmark), Pia Groh (Germany), Liisa Hashimoto (Japan), Maria-Louise Kristensen (Denmark), Triin Kukk (Estonia), Emmanuel Lacoste (France), Ariel Lavian (Israel), Réka Lörincz (Hungary), Gigi Mariani (Italy), Merlin Meremaa (Estonia), Simeon Shomov (Bulgaria), Hansel Tai (Estonia), Tanel Veenre (Estonia), Maija Vītola (Latvia), Kira Yurina (Japan), Maris Sustins (Latvia), Paula Treimane (Latvia)