OFF BEAT - Schmuck, 2018

The Munich Jewelery Week runs from 5 to 13 March 2018, and is one of the world's largest collections of contemporary art. The event represents an abundance of artists, collectors and students who meet in Munich to discuss, show and inspire the international jewelry scene.
The Münich Jewelery Week (MJW) is a significant event on the international jewel scene, which has existed since 1959, and especially this week, Munich lives for jewelery. The Danish participants mark all over the city, where they participate in different exhibitions.
MJW grows ever bigger and now occupies most of the city with the exhibition Schmuck as an epicenter. Schmuck is one of the oldest international censored jewelry exhibits in the world. It brings young talents and well-reputed practitioners together in an exhibition and dialogue about where the jewelery is in the present and where it's heading.
Although Schmuck is the central event of the week, the rest of the city is boasting activity. Several museums set up exhibitions focusing on jewelery. Major international jewelry galleries arrange special exhibitions, and everywhere in the city workshops and empty shops are being used to stage the field.
One of the activities is the exhibition POLYPHONOUS, consisting of six different initiatives, divided into six different locations. Exhibitions can stand alone, but can also be experienced as a whole. From the Danish jewelry scene, the goldsmiths Mette Saabye and Josefine Rønsholt Smith exhibit the title POLYPHONOUS: Echo. It is an exhibition consisting of five artists who work with jewelry as echoes of time and tradition within the field. The exhibition is cured by Saabye and Rønsholt Smith.
Also on POLYPHONOUS, but with the subtitle OFF BEAT, the Danish jewelry arts Marie-Louise Kristensen and Annette Dam exhibit among an international group of four artists. The term 'off beat' is initially associated with not following a musical rhythm, but the meaning is spelled out in everyday life and become a synonym for the unconventional.