More or Less

29.06.13 - 31.08.13


Goldfingers Gallery

Klosterstraede 18

1157 Copenhagen 


An exhibition about precious stones, marguerite brochures and copiers.

A big rough diamond, more like a dirty piece of salt than a very expensive stone. A flat-plated ring in gold with a hole. From where the diamond should sit. Jewellery artist Annette Dam, who last year got paper on her fabulous talent when winning the Skt. Loye Prize, puts the value concept on the other end in her new exhibition MORE OR LESS.

The exhibition consists of several jewelery series with their respective titles and issues like the above-mentioned diamond rings and a brooch series of Georg Jensen's world-renowned Marguerite, which explores the borderland between fertile inspiration and decided copying - just to name two. In other words, perfection, copying and taste conventions are debatable when Annette Dam in her exhibition title turns architect Mies van der Rohe's mantra upside down: Less is more or More or Less?

It depends on the eyes that behold? - and here the jewellery artist calls on her viewers to decide for themselves by letting the works stand with clear marks and sequences of the original idea. Traces that tell stories about tradition, material status and value. All of the works exhibited thus have the process and the reflections with them as a side kick represented by large moodboards that accompany the works and shows a jewellery artist who comments, nuances and ironises the concept of jewelry.

For what is the best, most valuable and aesthetically beautiful?
Judge for yourself in Gallery Goldfingers from June 29, 2013.

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At the same time Annette Dam exhibits at the Biennale for Håndværk in the Round Tower and at the Nordic jewelry exhibition From the Coolest Corner at Designmuseum Denmark.