25 May - 17 June 2023

Opening Thursday 25 May at 6pm!

Viewing period: 25/5– 17/6 2023

Opening hours: Thu-Sat 12-4pm or by appointment.


Welcome to the exhibition TAKING THE LIBERTY with Annette Dam.

In the exhibition TAKING THE LIBERTY, Annette Dam has based a selection of works on the contemporary confrontation with, and reassessment of, gender and power structures. Annette Dam is interested in exploring the borderland between the masculine and the feminine, gender fluidity, gray areas and the fields of tension that arise here. The project mixes traditionally gender-related form representations and classically masculine/feminine elements within the jewelery field. The purpose is to shape questions about identity and biased gender stereotypes with layers and references to power relations, protection, innocence and empowerment.

The works in the exhibition are made in a number of different materials and with both traditional and experimental techniques. Dam mixes gold and silversmithing techniques at the same time as she uses a variety of other craft methods. This is also the first time she has incorporated larger corpus forms into her works, a technique she has learned just for this project. Using these corpus techniques, she has fashioned a puffer sleeve in silver and a crotch protector in copper. The latter is attached to the body using a leather 'belt', which can send thoughts in the direction of a hip belt. The puff sleeve is to be combined with shoulder elements in padded leather that refer to military parade uniforms. The works are illuminated through a feminist lens and with components of elements that symbolize both femininity, innocence, power, protection and with masculine references.

Based on the dilemmas that often arise in a borderland, places where the state of affairs is up for debate, the present is uncertain and perhaps even explosive, the exhibition project TAKING THE LIBERTY examines gender balances materialized through portable jewelery objects.

PORTABEL is a project space for contemporary art jewelry and metal work located in the centre of Oslo. The project space consists of a showroom and a small workspace.

PORTABEL aims to give art jewelry its very own gallery in Oslo and show carefully curated exhibitions, pop-up events and projects from Norwegian and international artists.

PORTABEL is located in Kirkeristen, the old bazaar surrounding the Oslo Cathedral (Oslo domkirke) together with other arts and craft workshops. Easily accessible from Stortorvet or the stairs up from Dronningens gate.

Director: Camilla Luihn. 

Kirkeristen/Basarene, bod 11/12.

Dronningens gate 27,
0154 Oslo
(Entrance from the inner court, behind the Oslo Cathedral)

Opening hours: Tur-Fri 12-16, Sat 12-16 or by appointment

portabelgalleri @ gmail.com / camilla.luihn @ gmail.com