32 million years after Homo Sapiens (ahs.), 2017

The two pieces of jewellery are composed representations, arranged with familiar form elements from present times - for instance the bottom of a coca cola can casted in resin, the twisted string from a Champaign top, plastic wrapping and the opening mechanism of canned food.

The materials are amber, gold and different kinds of plastic, all substances that will probably outlast the human race, as we know it today. Amber is around 32 millions years old, and a lot of the plastic products made today will take approximately the same period of time to degrade in nature.

With these pieces I intend to question what kind of `treasures’ we leave behind and witch imprints an eventual future civilization will find as traces after us, Homo Sapiens. I vision my works as motives, arranged Still-Life´s in times ahead, transformed into jewellery.